Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Confused About To Hire A DJ Or A Wedding Band In Scotland?

The Importance Of Music In A Scotland Marriage

Who can deny the fact that a Scottish marriage ceremony is incomplete without music? Just imagine you have booked a luxurious venue, selected a splendid menu but forgot to have music. For sure you have ruined your wedding ceremony. Getting hitched in Scotland is a dream and to have a mediocre wedding band at the reception is a nightmare!

Whether It Is Best To Hire A DJ Or A Wedding Band In Scotland?

You should be very careful while choosing wedding bands Scotland as it is the music that has to set the tone of your celebrations. It is always difficult to decide that whether to go for a DJ, a live wedding band or a ceilidh band when planning your big day. There really is nothing like live sounds of beating drums, dancing people, an energetic crowd and exciting atmosphere. Although a DJ is also an option but a traditional Scottish wedding theme can only be completed with a live music band. A live wedding band can adjust the tempo with the mood of the gathering and most importantly the sound quality will be much better than DJ.

It's important that your music should have harmony to your needs as well as your guests. You have to choose the kind of environment that you would really love to have? If you like to have traditional wedding tunes playing in background then it will be better to hire a ceilidh band that will serve your visitors who love to dance. There are several wedding bands Scotland, but all are not of same standard, so it will be good to take the time to watch most of these Scottish bands before making this critical decision. You can have some experienced musicians or fresh music graduates or a combination of both but what you need is quality. So it is better to replace one with sub standard stuff by a less notable musicians who can entertain their audience with their music skills.

There is no need to believe in self proclaimed greatness of different wedding bands and make your own research. It will be very helpful to take advice of your friends who truly know your taste of music and the blend that will suit your event. Surfing internet and visiting sites like wedding bands Scotland gives an opportunity to look at the profiles of various wedding bands in Scotland. Wedding agents can also be a very good option to use in your search and you can have a good piece of advice from them. Now a days a number of Scottish wedding magazines are also giving catalogs of wedding bands. A review of such publications is also quite helpful.

After selecting your your favorite wedding band, it will be nice to make them understand the theme of your ceremony and the quality of service you are expecting. You should make it sure that they have latest music instruments and a variety of content to present to your guests. If you have succeeded in making a best choice, be sure your visitors will affiliate some songs with your marriage when remembering them.

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Where To Buy The Best Wedding Dresses In Scotland.

For every woman, a wedding is normally incomplete without the perfect dress to match the occasion and it is always every woman's dream to not only don a gown that will make her look colorful but one that will leave all her peers in awe. Getting the right dress can make or break your day and by the right dress we mean the right size and color to match your looks. Here in Scotland, there are very many places where you can get both readymade and tailored wedding dresses.
There are wedding dresses in a variety of sizes, colors and designs and the best part is that most places give you an option to tailor your wedding dress to meet your specification and needs. For those who see no need to purchase something they will only put on once in their lifetime, there are also options to hire.
However like most women will testify, choosing the perfect wedding dress can be a hustle and a time consuming process. Before you set off to shop for a wedding dress, here are some tips for you to consider before buying a given wedding dress.
Start shopping early. The gown should normally be ordered roughly six months before the big day. This will save you the hustle of running up and down looking for gowns a week or so to the function. Consider a dress that will make you comfortable on your big day. The essence of the dress is to make you not only beautiful but also comfortable on your big day so do not simply fall for design. Think about your body type and select a gown that rolls down perfectly well with your body.
The dress with the most expensive price tag is not usually the best so do not let the price tags flatter you in to buying something very expensive. For those with financial difficulties, you can still look perfect even in cheaper dresses.
Now that you know what to consider before ordering a wedding dress, we can now discuss where you can order some of the best wedding dresses in Scotland. As earlier said, there are so many stores in Scotland selling gowns in all colors, designs and sizes but some of the stores below are the ones worth mention.
Wedding Belles Bridals. This is one of the best stores in Scotland with dresses that will fit any occasion, be it church weddings or weddings at the beach. There are a variety of gowns in different colors, designs and sizes to choose from.
Kinnies Bridal Classics. With branches in most cities in Scotland, they are well scattered. They have a variety of gowns from which you can choose. You can also tailor your own gown and have it made for you at relatively fair prices. Have in store brands like sweetheart, Hilary Morgan, Venus, Dizzie Lizzie Couture, Ella, Mia Solano just to mention a few.
La Novia Couture. These have some of the most unique wedding dresses on display on their site and the dresses come in various designs and sizes. They also have online samples of some of the gowns they have on sale. They have bridal wear from a variety of designers like Ian Stuart, Mia Mia, Mon Cheri, Pronovias etc.
Ivory whites. Here you will not only find wedding dresses but other wedding accessories as well and be sure to get all your gown requirements here. Whether for a traditional Scottish wedding or modern day wedding, you will get what you need at this store.
Ann Priscilla Bridal. By looking at samples on their store, you will realize that they manufacture very beautiful and elegant gowns that will fit almost any kind of ceremony. With a store located luxuriously across two floors, you will find a variety of dresses on display with designs from Stewart Parvin, Sassi Holford, Jenny Packham, Stephanie Allin, Augusta Jones, Enzoani, Pronovias etc.
However, there are many other stores dealing in wedding dresses in Scotland and by searching online, you will be presented with a lot of choices. Above though are some of the prominent and more reputable stores in Scotland.

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The Best advice for the best man's speech!

The best man's speech is the most awaited and a memorable speech in any weddings. However, these days the speeches are more fun than being a formal one. But there should always be a balance between humor and seriousness. The speech sets a mood for reception and if it is a good one, it creates a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere among the guests. It should not be very long and cannot be rushed. While preparing for the speech we have to keep in mind the audience specially the mix of people attending it. For example, the bride being from scotland and the other being an english and where the wedding is half scottish and half english. Most importantly, the main goal of the speech is to celebrate the love of the newly-weds.

There are three important and the most crucial points to be considered while delivering the best man's speech. The first is to start the speech by saying thank you and that your are honoured to be given such an opportunity because being a best man is like playing football for scotland. Then you can talk a little about how you met the groom and go into stories of his younger days, early girlfriends and may be a little about his interests, hobbies and profession. You can also mention some references to torment the groom which is always a great amusement. It can also involve humor where you talk about a joke before he got married.

Further, talk about the bride, her personality, how lovely she is being from scotland., how they have met and what she has seen in the groom to be attracted towards him. you can also use come witty lines and be a little humorous about the bride. Also, mention to her how pretty and beautiful she looks today. Then, tell a little about the chemistry between them. you can also talk about how you can tell that the couple are in love, stress about the responsibilities of getting married and be heartfelt and serious. 

Lastly, take on a more serious note by wishing the bride and the groom a with a long, fulfilled and a happy marriage and also to have a prosperous future together. Then, you can also say that you trust them to have a wonderful honeymoon where they can enjoy and relax themselves. Further, talk about the cards that have been sent by well wishers who have sent their best wishes as they could not be present for the wedding taking place in scotland.

After taking the three crucial points into consideration, the final step is proposing a toast. you can start off by saying something like "now ladies and gentlemen" and say it gives you a lot of pleasure to finish off with a toast to both the bride and the groom by hoping they share many warm days and nights together and asking the others to raise their glass as a toast to both Mr and Mrs. so and so.

This article was written by Steve Cooke , who works for the premier music agency Music for Scotland who specialise in the provision of wedding bands. PLease visit the music for scotland website